You will need
  • envelope;
  • -handle;
  • Blanca.
Write a letter. If you are going to issue inventory, seal the letter in an envelope. Letter with a list sealed in the office after checking the attachments of a mail worker.Do not forget that there are certain rules governing the sending of letters: maximum weight and dimensions of the envelope, the lists of items prohibited for dispatch in a similar way. Details can be found on the website of the Russian post or contact the office.
Label the address of the recipient and of the sender in accordance with the requirements set for this graph of the envelope: full name of beneficiary (in full), or the name of the legal entity, address, street, house number, buildings, apartments, town, district, oblast, Krai, Republic. For international shipments – and even the country. Be sure to specify a zip code. If necessary, specify the index on the website of the Russian post or at the post office.
Go to the nearest post office with the form of notification of delivery. Form 119 can also be downloaded from the Internet, filling in a text editor and printed.
On the front side of the form place a checkmark in the columns the relevant sub-category of your mail (simple, registered, with declared value). In this case, note that the notice can also be simple or customized.
Write in the "to" and "Address" their coordinates in the same sequence as when filling in addresses on the envelope. Don't forget to include your postcode.
Fill in the heading field, outlined with a bold line on the reverse side of the notice: a subcategory of departure, the amount of the declared value/cod, if you declare them (if no – leave these fields empty), data about the recipient – name, or the name, address, zip code (see sample).
Pass the envelope and completed form of notification to the employee of the post office. Pay for services in accordance with the established tariffs. Be sure to save your receipt. Until you receive the return receipt, to trace the path of the letter on the website of the Russian post specified on the receipt to the mail ID.