Make a document that will direct the recipient two copies. One of them should stay with you.
If possible, deliver the document in person. The presentation of produce directly to the recipient or his authorized representative. The powers of the representative can verify the power of attorney or follow the law. Correspondence addressed to a private person, it is safer to give him a receipt. If you pass the documents to a legal person, do it through the Secretariat or office. When the recipient is an officer, you can use any of these options.
If personal service be sure to get your copy left the receipt took the correspondence of the face. The person with whom you are sharing a document has to write the word "received", your initials and the current date and, of course, leave the painting. If he is an employee of the organization must be made as an indication of his position.
When there is such a need, please send correspondence to the recipient via courier or facilitator, do not forget to instruct them about who and how should it be present.
If you are not able to deliver mail personally, or the receiver deviates from its adoption, use services of mail. Should be sending registered letter with notification and list of enclosures. In some cases this is the only option, in which the court or other competent authority to recognize the presentation held. In acknowledgement of receipt by the addressee of the letter you will return document e-mail notification. Inventory need to have proof of delivery by post is not an empty letter, or a foreign document, namely the one that you want to present.
After you return the notice, and list of enclosures attach to the rest of you have a copy of the document. Store while this need will not disappear.