Go to your mailbox on Yandex. To do this, type in the address bar of your Internet browser On the home page in the left part is the email, enter the username and password to access the mail.
You will see a page with incoming emails. Just above the letters is a button "Write" - click it.
Now write the very letter. To start, specify the mailbox address of the person to whom this letter is sent. Next, enter the subject of the letter, it should reflect a brief summary of what you write. Finally, in the biggest box, enter the text of the letter. If you want to make your letter as something special, right click "Issue a letter". By pressing this button you will open the text formatting bar. If you want to check the text for spelling errors by pressing the button "Check spelling". If you want to attach any files to email, click "Attach files" upload from your computer and attach it to the letter. You can also install one of the optional functions such as, notification letters, SMS-the notification of the addressee about receiving letters, etc.
Now the most interesting. When you have finished working with by letterm, it is necessary to send it. So it went to the addressee automatically, i.e. not immediately after you wrote it, and after a certain time at the bottom under the text of the letter, locate the button "Send ...". Put it next to the checkmark to activate this function. Install the exact date and time. Clicking on the icon with the question mark, you can read the help for this function. Note: the sending of the message can be postponed by not more than one year from the current date. At the end of the process click on the "Send"button.