Advice 1: How to fill out the notification

The filling in the notification of receipt by the sender is not particularly difficult, but ignorance can arise some confusion. So, there are cases when the sender is in the field, intended for their own ' writes the coordinates of the recipient. And it turns out that the notification of receipt that the letter sent to him, which deprives the notice of any meaning.
How to fill out the notification
You will need
  • - the form of notification;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - the addresses of sender and recipient.
But to avoid this mishap, on the face of the notice, you must write your own address and also the name and the index in the designated fields.
Field for the index it is better to fill as it is designed for machine processing of this information, accelerating the delivery of letters or other administration.
Address, name and postcode of the recipient written on the back in the section outlined with a bold line in the designated fields. If mailing is done without declared value and/or cash payment, the amounts of both are left empty. Otherwise stated required figure.
The notification recipient to fill it easier. He is only required on the back of the document after the words "Awarded to, paid to indicate the date of receipt of the shipment, indicate with a tick or crossed out unnecessary positions, obtained personally or by proxy, to sign in the designated place and make a signature.

Advice 2: How to make a notification about the letters

For the timely review of electronic correspondence and the convenience of the Internet mail servers, users can set a notification about the letters. In this case there is no need to continually log into the mail server and check the list of incoming emails – new arrivals are displayed during the initial connection of the web directly to your desktop.
How to make a notification about the letters
You will need
  • To get notification of letters you can on most major mail servers and on sites where there is the possibility of communication between users. To connect this service can be yourself, just a few minutes. This will require a computer or cell phone with Internet access.
You must first establish if the server requires a special gadget or a small additional program for information about the new letters. For example, the program " Agent", which is offered to everyone upon registration mailbox on the website To do this, press the button "download".
When you install the program you need to choose left click the option "install desktop shortcut". This allows you to receive notifications of newly received electronic letters directly to your desktop in the form of a visual or auditory signal.
If your mail server or site offers to install an additional program, notice on internal emails can be configured in the tab "account settings". To do this, you should look for them in the option "receive notification about new letters to the email address". When you select this setting, the user will be sent to your e-mailbox notifications in the form of emails.
To use the notification about new arrivals comfortable, practical and even fashionable. This service is completely free. It allows the business person to save time and effort on viewing mail, to win in the eyes of colleagues timely response to emails and good friends easy communication via the Internet.
Useful advice
In some cases, e-mail mail server can be regarded as spam. In this case, no signal on receipt of the letter. It will be under "spam" and wait for manual user validation.

Advice 3: How to fill out the arrival notification of the foreign citizen

In 2007 the Russian Government approved a Resolution "On the procedure of migration registration of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship in the Russian Federation". After the adoption of this document was made possible notification about arrival of foreign citizen by sending a letter with the relevant attachments in the mail. This must be done no later than three working days from the day of arrival.
How to fill out the arrival notification of the foreign citizen
You will need
  • - the documents proving the identity,
  • - migration card
  • envelope,
  • - access to the Internet.
Keep in mind that not all post offices do such departure. So first call main post office and find out the nearest branch of mailfrom which to send the notification about arrival of foreign citizen to the office of the migration service.Make photocopies of the following documents:
- passport – your foreign visitor and his. Please note that a copy of the passport of the foreigner should contain the page with the visa.
- migration certificate.
As a rule, the services and Photocopying are available at post offices.
The postal worker at your request will provide you with the forms "Notification about arrival of foreign citizen to the place of residence." You will need to complete two copies. They are filled only in Russian, a pen with black or dark blue ink only and capital letters. Fill out forms necessary notices very carefully, trying not to make blots and errors. If you have Internet access, you will be able to print out the forms notice on the websites of the Federal migration service and the Russian post and arrange them from the comfort of home in a more relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps fill some of the items will cause trouble. Then you can enter the data later, after consulting the employee of the post office.
Give the completed notice to the postal worker along with originals and photocopies of documents. He will collate all the data and check the correctness of the notice. He also needs to put postage stamps on the detachable coupon of notification of arrival and immigration card. A notification is sent to the FMS by registered mail with the investment inventory. The cost of the service for the reception of the notification by the postal communication operator is 118 rubles. According to current postal rates, separately paid the very postage and insurance fee. The total cost for sending the notification about arrival of foreign citizen to be slightly more than two hundred rubles.
Notice of foreign citizen arrival is of a notifying character and is obligatory for all foreign citizens. If the alien will not be put on the migratory account within the set terms, he faces a fine of 2,000 rubles.
Useful advice
If the foreigner has arrived to Russia for a period of not more than three days, then the receiving party may not send the arrival notification to the FMS.

In the case that the receiving party for a valid reason documented, can't send the arrival notification, the notification may be sent by a foreign citizen.

Advice 4: How to fill out the notification on the employment of foreigner

January 2015 recruitment of a foreign citizen, the employer is obliged to notify this fact to the migration service by filling out the notification form. And fill it is not so easy.
How to fill out the notification on the employment of foreigner

Federal law No. 367-FZ has amended the 2002 law "On legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation". If informed about the fact of conclusion of an employment contract with a foreign citizen immigration service to notify was only to businesses and organizations, from January 2015, this duty came even grandparents who are migrant, for example, helped to dig the garden.

Notification - the obligation of the employer

For FMS there is no difference between the status of the employer (natural person, legal entity or individual entrepreneur), as well as between types of prisoners, migrants, contracts (civil and labor), the migration service it is important to know where and what number of days a migrant. To do this, everyone who uses the services of migrant workers shall, within 3 business days to bring to the Department a completed notification. Moreover, the notification you need to carry on the fact of employment of a foreigner and the fact of his dismissal.

уведомить миграционную службу, заполнив бланк уведомления.

Notice - is the form, the form of which was approved by Order of the Federal migration service No. 147 (as amended by No. 149). Order this has a lot of prilozhenia, including No. 19 on the conclusion of a contract with a foreign citizen, and No. 20 - termination. They are very similar!

Filling in the notice - cover sheet

WSA information in the notification is entered in block letters on the cell. Write otroci, can use a computer.

The first line indicates the name of the territorial body of the FMS, this is usually a Department or division of the FMS of Russia on a certain area or region.

Next you need to tick the box selecting the type of employer. If you employ a foreign citizen to assist in the farm - put a tick "individual" if the migrant takes a job organization - "legal entity", for Yip - the "individual entrepreneur".

Бланк уведомления

The next big issue need to fill carefully, it is required to make the installation data of the employer. For individuals - INN and all the data of the passport, including the date and place of birth, for businesses - all data on registration of the organization: INN, KPP, OGRN, the full name, legal and actual addresses.

  • Necessarily specify the contact phone number.

Unusu title page, oddly enough, you need to specify the details of your alien: surname, name and patronymic, if any, and date of birth. All other data needed to make on the back of the form.

Filling in the notice - the flip side

The first section of the reverse side must be filled, armed with a passport of a foreign citizen. Enter the name of the document ("foreign passport"), then the series (given it 5 cells, although almost all the passport series of two letters) and room (most of the passports are not printed, as we have, and burned).

Below you will have to enter the name of the authority which the foreign passport was issued. Write in Russian, even if the passport inscribed in Latin. Ask the migrant to his migration card, it write down the number and then specify the address where the foreign national is on the migratory account (by the way, there and only there, he must live).

РНР, разрешение на работу мигранту

In the next section you need to specify the details of permits to work:

- patent - for citizens of visa-free regime Vyasa in Russia (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine,etc.)

- work permit (NRP) for the vizoviki".

  • Please note that citizens of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, as well as those foreign nationals who received temporary residence permit in Russia, residence permit or the status of persons with temporary asylum can work without a license and PHP, in which case this field is filled in. Immediately proceed to fill in the following fields.

The next big field of cells intended for special categories of foreigners who have neither a patent, nor PHP. Enter the person's immigration status is not necessary, to specify the basis on which he is working without documents. So:

  1. if your a foreigner a citizen of a country outside Erases (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), you indicate - "the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union". And that's all.
  2. if your alien has a temporary residence permit or a residence permit in Russia, write "PP. 1 paragraph 4 of article 13 of Federal law No. 115-FZ. This will be enough.
  3. if you recruit a person with temporary asylum, you would write: "PP A4 12 article 13 Federal law No. 115-FZ"

Attention! Time

Be especially attentive to deadlines, because in you need to specify the date Primea migrant a job, or the date of his dismissal. Sroga follow the documents. if you took the first number, then the notification email first, and not the date of actual admission to work.Similarly, the dismissal.

Left to fill in the data proxy, if notice is served by the representative of the legal person, and to put a signature, if the landlord is an ordinary citizen.

Advice 5: How to fill out an application on registration at the place of residence, form 6

Any citizen of the Russian Federation with the change of residence, even within the same city must apply to the official responsible for registration, and in his absence to the owner of the premises, a statement of registration by place of residence. From January 01, 2011 made amendments to the law allow you to send the statement in electronic form or register on website
How to fill out an application on registration at the place of residence, form 6
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - application in form 6;
  • - statement by the person providing the accommodation for;
  • - copy of certificate of ownership.
To complete an application form on registration at the place of residence you can by hand, using printing device or on the portal of state services.
In the statement, specify the name of body registration, your name, who provided housing, your address, passport number, signature and date. The application for registration of a child under 14 years is written from his legal representatives.
Attach to the application supporting documents, your passport, a statement of the persons providing living area, or a document confirming the right of ownership.
Consent of the owner registration not required if you are enrolling a child in the room, which is home to his legal representatives; or he arrived to the place of residence with their parents; or when permanent registration of a newborn in the living room, where his parents live.
After receiving the application the registering authority within 3 days will send to the owner or tenant of premises a notice of registration of a citizen. If the owner has received a notice of registration of a citizen, which he did not give permission, he may apply to any form of cancellation. If you retire early, see the statement in any form about the cancellation of the registration with the date of departure. The statement can be sent electronically or through the portal of state services.
Useful advice
Registration at the place of residence shall only be issued in residential areas. Period of registration - within 3 days of receipt of the documents to the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation.
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