You will need
  • - computer with Windows operating system;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • - mail client.
When using the mail client, the shortcut can be created using the menu "start". Scroll to "Program", and the name of your email client. Click the right mouse button. You will see a drop down menu which has the option "Create shortcut".
Get the mouse shortcut on a work table. It is a program icon, and the name often appears as "Shortcut to...". If it doesn't suit you, stand on the icon with the mouse and right click. You can change the name to one that you like. For example, it may be just the program name, without the word "shortcut".
If you prefer to use the web interface, go to your Inbox and copy the address. Close or minimize the browser window and all other programs.
Stand with the mouse on the working table. Right-click. You will see a sign at the top of which is a function of "Create" and an arrow. It is proposed to create a folder or shortcut. Select the second.
You will see another plate with a window - Location "label". Enter in the box the address of your mailbox. Click "Next".
The system will prompt you to enter a name for the shortcut. Name it as you wish. This can be, for example, "Mail on Rambler", "" and everything that you like. Click "Finish". The label came to you at work tableE. Clicking on it, you will go directly to the page of your mail. However, it is possible that the first time you will have to enter a username and password.