You will need
  • envelope;
  • the address of the recipient;
  • the address of the sender;
  • to pay the bill;
You need to buy envelope, suitable for this type of shipments. The post office will tell you what you have to choose. To him you will need to purchase the appropriate stamps.
Fill it out on the envelope. The initials and the address of the recipient. It is also necessary to write such information about the sender. On the envelope you must sign - "custom notification".
After this you should fill in the notice itself. With the main side, your address and initials on the reverse the same information about the destination. Specify the type of notification. It can be simple and custom, you need to put a tick next to the desired labels. In some cases it is necessary to specify that the letter on delivery, or payment of the declared value. This notice must be attached to the envelope with its back side, that is, the address does not need to be closed. This is the notification you will send a delivery confirmation letter with the personal signature of the addressee.
Then weigh the letter, stick the bar-code and stamps. When all necessary procedures are done, you will be given a detailed receipt, which will contain all criteria for payment. These include sender address, recipient address, weight of letters, shipment type (e.g. 1st class, air shipment), the date of acceptance letter, number, bar code, total payment amount, who you have received a letter, the signature of the postal worker. Be sure to check that you have correctly filled in the receipt.
A receipt must be paid. You will then receive a 14-digit code, which can track the movement of letters. To view the location on the official website of the Russian post.