You will need
  • Letter
  • The envelope
  • Postage stamps
  • The exact address of the recipient
  • Post office
In order to send a letter in the mail, you need to know the exact address of the recipient. The accuracy of the address depends on whether it comes to writing, and how quickly. Rather than the address (writing index, and related information), the faster the message gets to the addressee. Also the end point depends on the type of envelope, number of brands and the value of the item.
Then you need to choose the type of departure letter. If the letter is sent to Russia, a letter is embedded in a regular envelope to Russia, is signed and dispatched. If the letter is sent to another country, you need to buy another envelope and pay a different amount.
If guaranteed delivery letter for you is very important, you should choose the shipment by registered letter or securities. In this case, the procedure of registration and sending a message will be longer, will have to pay a little more than a letter, but the probability of loss of this departure is minimal.
Then an ordinary letter, you just put it in the blue box of the Russian post in the street, and valuable or registered will have to register directly at the post office operator.