Use the many search engines the global Internet. Despite the huge number of sites offering similar services, few provide reliable information in performing their obligations to the customer. Remember that most of the paid resources are required to pay the resulting information method of sending SMS messages to a short number or via e-wallet. Be careful! The cost of the SMS messages listed on the site, can many times differ from the genuine.
Also you can make the payment and the site will be "fluff", and no information you get. In order to minimize the risk, start your search with free search engines. For example, try to use the resource In case of impossibility of obtaining information through such a source, go to the paid search engines. Also pre-check the cost of sending SMS messages to short numbers. You can do the linkд
Try to look for interesting information in social networks. Typing in the search engine selected network existing room phone, maybe you'll find out the name (and not only) the desired subscriber. But it is also an option, and when the desired person is registered under a pseudonym. Then try to get to the truth by reading the available correspondence, or write a message about wanting to meet you. If you have common friends in a social network, try to ferret out the required information from them. But it happens that the person blocked to unauthorized users, and shared friends and acquaintances you have or the search engine that you hammered the room phonedid not give any results.
Then try to run a cell phone by the database operator. After all, when you are connecting a new subscriber, a contract with the operator, specifying a name, surname and patronymic and even the registration and other information. Currently, for anybody not a secret that you can find such database in the free sale and purchase. When buying check the CD and verify from the seller "freshness" of the information recorded on it.