Advice 1: How to find out information about a person by the phone number

You have the person's phone number and nothing more. You need to calculate the information about it. Smacks of adventure detective, after all attempts to find out personal information about a person without his consent is illegal. But if the end justifies the means, then we can try.
How to find out information about a person by the phone number
Start with the least expensive but most difficult way to calculate information about a person by their phone number. When you replenish your account through your mobile phone and call the room, the Manager sees your personal data that you provide when filling out the agreement for the provision of communication services with the operator. And there the surname, name, patronymic name, registration and index. In General, all that you need. Knowing that the Manager can help, you can try a small trick: to extract information under any pretext. Well, for example, go to the salon to pay cellular communication, smiling apologetically to the Manager, replenishing the account and explain the situation. Your little cousin was lost, and on the mobile phone, which he had with him, ran out of money. You came to fill him the number to call and find out where he is. But the trouble is, you forgot your phone, where a recorded telephone brother, and in memory to remember does not work. Make an imploring look and ask for help, the operator can call you name, name, patronymic of the subscriber. If you think about it some more, you can get information about registration of the subscriber. But everything will depend on how professional you actor.
More expensive, but more comfortable way is to contact the professionals of detective business. Just give all the information possessed, aiming and waiting for the result. How it will be received, you care little for. This also has its positive side – don't have to lie, as in the case of the cellular interior. But the reliability of the information can demand higher, because you pay money and not small.
Contact databases that you will find in great abundance in the markets where they sell electronics (Mitino, Savelovskaya, etc.) have a Base both for individual operators and on city phones. You can buy consolidated database – it will cost of course more expensive, but also more opportunities. But remember that the accuracy of the information thus obtained, the claims to be present there and will have to carefully check.

Advice 2: How to find out information about the person

Is it easy to learn information on any person? 20 years ago one of the few solutions to this problem would be to appeal to the security services. Now we came to the aid of modern technology. But all this are to get more complete access to information about the person.
How to find out information about the person
Refer to the "word of mouth. Remember the theory that all men are familiar with each other five handshakes. It means that you not only can learn some information about the person through friends, but also to get acquainted with the interesting person. But if your goal is just to learn about something, the actions are the following: ask about your mutual friends. Of course, if those mutual friends you have.
Inquire through special services. Of course, this option can use a very limited number of people. But still, if you have the opportunity, try to turn to police databases or other not less serious sources.
Write in the program "Wait for me". This is one of the most advanced cases - if you are looking for not only information, but also the person. It is likely that this telecast will be useful for you and help you to find and man and in addition information about it.
Use the resources of the Internet. In our days you can easily enter the name and surname of the person in the row of search engine and get a lot of information on a given person. There is one significant disadvantage – the requested person must be more or less known, at least as a blogger. Otherwise you will get a lot of information on the namesakes and namesakes of the requested person, but the necessary information did not find.
Ask for help to social networks. Now, thanks to social media people voluntarily put all information about yourself. Get ranking to emphasize its importance, and instead put all information about yourself in General use.If information about the person restricted by for you in social networks, do not despair. Add the friends you are interested in person and get access to information. So it is not too difficult in our days to look for the information about the person.

Advice 3: How to find out everything about the person

Learn all about the man pretty hard. After all, even currently, you can not know everything, what can we say about others. How can a person perceive any information that in his mind, what kind of skeletons he keeps in the closet - all to figure it out is almost impossible. But there are opportunities to learn a lot about a person.
How to find out everything about the person

The available information

First and foremost, you can learn about the man his surname, name and patronymic, year of birth and place of residence. One is enough for that conversation. You can learn about the Hobbies, about the friends and relatives. Such information can be obtained even when as if they were ordinary acquaintances. Pretty easy to learn an interesting person, what kind of music he likes, what movies, what programs. It would also be useful to find it in social networks. All this will help for further investigation so that the resulting data better to write down somewhere.

Information from sources

More recently, to obtain hidden information only to law enforcement agencies, and now unlimited Internet access allows you to get a lot of information. In social networks people spend a lot of time, leaving information about yourself. Locate the desired person in all social networks and read information about it. It is also worth to see pictures and videos of the person. It is possible to learn about the Hobbies of the person. Also, scrolling through the wall, you can find a lot of useful information. Worth to watch and friends list, and prefer to focus on the most popular. It is likely to be one of the best friends. Try to mingle with friends, learn some information. But don't push too hard, ask a lot of questions. Otherwise it would be like to investigate.
If possible, you should turn to the man's neighbors. This is especially true of grandmothers on the bench in front of the house. But there is already information might be slightly exaggerated. But you can see that there is a person in the home.

That same person can tell himself unconscious

On the nature of man and his manners can be learned by mimicry and gestures. But to accurately understand body language, you need to study a lot of literature. But then when dealing with a person can read the information in his gestures, like an open book. To find out what he wants to say, where is lying, where is sincere. As they say, body language can not lie.

Another interesting way is to introduce a person in an extreme situation. Scientists have proved that in a state of stress and shock a person shows his true nature. Take him skydiving, Canoeing, or even on any extreme ride, and watch its actions, emotions and reactions. During the adrenaline rush of the man completely open.
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