To find out who owns a mobile number, we'll see what numbers it starts. So you will be able to understand from which region the caller (region codes are usually placed at the sites of mobile operators). It is possible that the call came from the village, which is inhabited by your relatives, old friends or acquaintances, and you can safely call them without fear for what will become the victim of fraud. If the number belongs to your region, contact cell phone stores. Out of curiosity you certainly will hardly help, however, if you get threats from an unknown number, you may find the owner of a phone number.
You can find out who owns a mobile phone, via the Internet, using search engines or specific sites with telephone directories. However, this method is not always effective because there are many fraudulent resources. Finding the owner of the phone will be more effective if your preferred room is short. Such numbers are usually registered in a private order all sorts of mobile services and SMS, so you can find information about the owner of the number through Internet search engines. In the search results, pay attention to sites with reviews of people who could be victims of fraud, to impose a variety of services you are interested in numbers. So you learn how to protect themselves and not "fall for" intruders.
Effective and well-proven resource for find caller by number for free, is "Poisk.goon". It is sufficient to indicate the desired number in the appropriate field and you will be able to know if you have any information about him. However, if the room was recently registered, the data on it can be absent.
Insert in your phone a different SIM card or use the phone at home to call you are interested in the room and keep your privacy. You can chat with the owner on his behalf, describing the reason why want to know his personal data. However, the more reliable will be presented, for example, a representative cell or another company, and then ask the caller a few questions and learn his name, making for himself the necessary conclusions.