You will need
  • Cell phone, Internet, registration in social networks.
Do a legal search in an open and accessible information about the caller, the cell phone number which you have. Run The Internet. Enter in a line of search of Google search engine cell phone number. Similarly we perform the same operation on other search engines – Yandex, Rambler.
Go to the links found. Study the information on possible declarations, specifying the required numbers of cell phone, other references about this room. Pay special attention to the various message boards – as a rule, they contain information about the kind of activities wanted by number cell person.
The information obtained in parts (phrases) enter in the search search engines. Produce the same transitions on the links found. Accumulate the information you found.
Summarise information. Formulate a new query and have it search the Internet using search settings involving special filters.
Go to social networks – "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", LiveJournal, My world on" Twitter and Facebook. Using accumulated after searching the Internet for information wanted by the user, matching these parameters. Determined the circle of interests and acquaintances. Look them over before we name the wanted man.
Show interest in the photos posted, users that fit the search. Pay attention to the signatures, specifying the date and number of participants. Summarize the information received available (legal) way, and completely free.