You can search the Internet or buy on a radio market the database of telephone subscribers. Usually this information is 2-3 years old. Such a database is expensive, but if you are sure that the cell number was registered for a long time, it will give you the name. However, you still need to understand that it is not always SIM-card registered to the person who actually uses the room.
Next option – contact your security officer. However, this option will suit you if you are searching for the perpetrator or prove the existence of a threat of a terrorist attack. For less "valid" reason, the police would not know the details of the subscriber.
A good way to know the name by mobile phone number is to contact the private detective. It is expensive, but the results you'll get.
Also, try to find on the Internet search for fresh database of subscribers of mobile phones. These are usually through the mention numbers in social networks, forums, etc. and provide information after sending an SMS to a premium number.
And, finally, the easiest way to know the name by mobile phone number. Call and introduce yourself employee of the company, conducting polls or call-center operators, and in a personal conversation we find out the name of your search object. I can tell you. Or just meet the man, explaining to him your interest in his personality.