Advice 1: How to find out to whom a phone number

To date, the mobile operators will not disclose information about their subscribers. So if you need to determine to whom registered phone number, you will encounter a lot of problems.
How to find out to whom a phone number
The easiest way to find out who was phone, it is to refer the matter to the operator. Here only queries of this kind can officially do only the police and several law enforcement organizations of a higher order, such as the FSB, FSO, SVR, etc. What do mere mortals that do not have friends in such circles. Try to find outlets for employees of companies-operators of cellular communication. Although they are not allowed to disclose information about subscribers, all for a reasonable fee they can go with you to compromise and help. As they do, not your concern. Most importantly, you will receive the required information.
You can use "Ruse" and to contact the operator directly. For this you will need acting skills, and a bit of improvisation. The fact is that when you pay for communication services, operators are visible to the personal data of the payer. This information can and should be used if you want to find out who registered the phone number. Make compassionate face. Go to the payment of cellular communication, which now can be found on every corner, with the advance of invented legend. For example, you can tell the Manager receiving the payment for communications services that your best friend who is now in business trip, out of money on the phone and you would like to replenish the balance. A matter of life and death. But only the last digit of the phone you forgot. Make pleading eyes and ask for help. If you will be good to bluff on, the operator will give you the required information - surname, name, patronymic of the subscriber. If you come up with some more excuses, you can extract other information. But it is up to you. Remember that the important thing is that your legend was plausible. What to do if the Manager of the cellular interior you will be denied? Right, go to a nearby place where they take payments for mobile communications, and repeat the procedure.

Advice 2: How to know where was the room

The numbers of vehicles of the state sample are the identification marks of the vehicle to which they are attached. They are issued by the traffic police authorities when the car is put on the account. In case if the vehicle is purchased in one city, and the owner lives in the other, they are provided with temporary accommodation, designed to transport tools to the right place. And if the regular room is enough just to identify the region from which auto-fitting, the transits of such possibility do not give.
How to know where was the room
State license plates of each country have their identifying symbols, which can determine exactly where the car was (country and region) and to whom it belongs (private, commercial entity or government body), but not known for this kind of information.
Each state registration number plate of vehicle has a specific set of numbers, letters, and other identification elements in the form of state symbols. The letters in the license plate, issued in the territory of the Russian Federation, indicate the series, and the numbers in turn order number.
In Ukraine, the combination of the first letters denotes the region of registration of the car, and the second combination of pairs of letters – series of numbers in turn is a sequence number. As for Belarus, the region of vehicle on the account refers to the last digit.
In the right or left of the license plate (depending on state) is often a identifying element country (flag or abbreviated title), which was registered with this license plate.
So, in order to know the country in which a particular license plate, and, consequently, the vehicle, just look at the number of the car or other transportation, and find symbols in the form of a flag or of letters indicating the state in question. Among these, for example, RUS (Russia), BY (Belarus), UA (Ukraine), etc.
In order to know the region of a particular country, you should pay attention to the numbers following the letters or combination of letters denoting the region code (depending on the country where it was registered license plate).
So, for example, in Russia Moscow region has a code of traffic police of GAI in figures 50, 90, 150 and 190, in turn, are registered in Moscow have one of the following code numbers denoting the region: 77, 97, 99, 177. 199 or 197. License plates, registered in Saint-Petersburg – coded identification numbers 78, 98, 178, etc.

Advice 3: How to find out who registered the cell phone number

Many there were occasions when it was required to know who owns the unknown numbers phone. At first glance it seems that getting this information is quite difficult. But in fact, from any situation there is a way.
How to find out who registered the cell phone number
Consult the databases of the network operator. Despite the fact that such bases are sold illegally, and the dissemination of information stored in it, it is forbidden to buy them is still possible. You can buy such base in the markets where they sell various electronics (for example, in Moscow's Mitino, Savelovsky, Budenovsky, etc. markets). Be sure to check the CD with the database. Because you simply can cheat by palming off a broken drive, and claims to be present not to anyone, because you can buy such base "with" and one day (check, of course, also no you no breaks).
Refer to the services provided by the resources of the global Internet. In it you can find various services, both paid and free, offering to provide information about the subscriber on his number phone. The cost of these services is around $ 10, which definitely lower than buying a stolen database operator. But be careful! Claims in case of receiving unreliable or incorrect information through such services to be present here. And the cost of the service that is offered to pay by sending an SMS message from a mobile phone (the money is written off your account) can differ in a big way from that indicated on the order.
Try to find a friend in law enforcement. The fact that the police officially have the right to request the operator to provide data about the subscriber. To make such queries, usually with the purpose of investigative activities carried out by the police. But if you horoshenechko think over the question of motivation found a friend in advance, you may be the exception to the rule and get the information you need.

Advice 4: How to know who registered the phone number

Often it happens that we need information about the other person. Mobile phone is an integral part of life of every modern man. It is for everyone and it is possible to learn a lot about the owner. At the moment there is no difficulty to find out all the information about the person, knowing only his number.
How to know who registered the phone number
You will need
  • - search the global network;
  • - database operator;
  • - the "Mobile operators".
You can find all the information about the owner of a phone number by purchasing the database of the cellular operator. By signing the contract, the subscriber usually indicates their passport details. You will be able to know the surname, name, patronymic, residence and place of registration of the subscriber. To buy this database you can market, the subway, and even on the Internet. It would be cheaper to buy the database through the Internet. Make the payment via e-wallet or send SMS from your mobile phone.
Look among his friends of law enforcement officers. A police officer has the legal right to know all the information about the subscriber, by making a formal request. Explain why you need the data of another person. It is important to give substantial arguments.
To download free using the Internet program "Mobile operators". The program does not require installation on your computer. Just enter the phone number of the desired subscriber will receive a short information about the company name of the operator, the date of registration of rooms and areas where the registration has been completed. Perhaps this information will suffice.
Remember that the purchase, sale, and use of databases of phone numbers prosecuted.
Useful advice
Before you book a paid service via the Internet, find out how the site is trusted, how often he visited, what about it reviews. And only then transfer the money.
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