Quite naturally seen as a solution to the problem of finding an owner of a mobile as a simple call to this number. But if for example you wrote the number down and then forgot who it belongs to, the treatment of the question "who are you" can look ugly.
If with any number you received threats, annoying phone calls, fraudulent requests such as requests to put money into the account, you can make a written application to the relevant network operator with a request to provide information about the number owner.
If the operator of your request are not satisfied, you can write a statement to police, detailing the situation. Law enforcement officers will make a request to the operator, who is not entitled to refuse their request to find the owner of a phone number.
Find out the owner of the mobile number can be in the Internet. The easiest option is to contact the search engine. There will need to enter the number in different formats. For example, +7(900)123-45-67, 9001234567, 8 900 123 45 67. If a wanted person was placed profiles on Dating sites, in social networks, advertisement or selling, it is likely that you will be able to know the name and even address of the owner.
You can also try to use the service to search information on the owner of the number online. However, the majority of sites promising to help out the owner by cell phone number, are fraudulent. Before send SMS for payment, make sure that the service really helped anyone in search of the owner of the room. You can do this by reading reviews about the online and also contacting one or more people who have used this site.
It is not recommended to download and install on your computer phone numbers and suspicious applications to find out the owner on the phone. They may contain malicious files, spyware and viruses. In addition, the information contained in such databases can be inaccurate and outdated.
The name, address, passport data of a person named in the cell phone number of every operator. If you have friends working in the salon, they can help you track down a person by his phone. If such friends do not, you can try to find the owner of a phone number, a little cheat. So, you may be asked to clarify the name of the person making the money on the room.