The easiest way to determine who owns a mobile number is after another annoying call to call back to the recognized number. Do it from another mobile phoneand that the stranger would not have guessed that was you. After the caller picks up, try to talk to him at least a minute, you may recognize a familiar voice.
Purchase a disk with a duplicated version of the database, which can be purchased at almost every major electronic market of the city. With it you can easily learn all the information you need about the stranger who annoys you with calls and SMS.
Refer to the employees working in the company-the operator and ask for their help, explaining the situation. Maybe they can help you in getting information about the owner SIM card. But keep in mind that requests of this kind are available only to law enforcement agencies of the highest order, such as the FSB, FSO, SVR, etc. So don't be surprised if the operators refuse.
In that case, if you receive incoming calls and SMS with threats, contact the police. Explain to them your situation, and law enforcement officials will help you in establishing the identity of the subscriber, as they have access to databases of cellular operators. Once law enforcement is found, the subscriber who owns the number, you will be informed about the owner SIM card.
Contact private detective Agency, but keep in mind that this will cost dearly. Detectives working in such agencies have years of experience in law enforcement and access to all databases of the network operator. Once you make a statement, detectives private detective Agency will inform you of the owner in the coming days.
Use the opportunity to identify with the help of modern search engines on the Internet sites. Many sites investigators offer services such as paid and free. First try to find information using the free search engine. If the results are doubtful, please refer to the surcharge. Remember that accurate information nobody will give you, and perhaps it will have to recheck.