Currently you can buy a stolen database of the cellular operator. Your task is to find and purchase a database. All information that the subscriber specifies in the contract on rendering of services of cellular communication, fall directly into your hands. You will be able to know the surname, name and patronymic of the subscriber, his residence, and registration, and in certain cases passport data.
You can buy such a database in the markets where they sell electronics or in the subway, and through the Internet. The cost base is dependent on where you buy them will be different. Cheaper and easier just to purchase via the Internet. You can make payment by sending SMS from your mobile phoneor through your e-wallet.
Refer to search services that can be found in large numbers in the global network. Services can be both paid and free. You should first try the free search in case you are lucky, you will find the required information right away.
If you have nothing left, go to paid sites. After you enter your existing cell phoneand you will be asked to pay for the service, typically by sending an SMS to a specific number. Your account will be withdraw sum of money, and will provide information about the subscriber. The average cost of treatment is around 150 rubles. But remember that the accuracy of the information obtained in this way, it is not always true and requires a thorough inspection.
Find a friend in law enforcement. The police have the right to make formal requests to the operators with the aim to learn information about the subscriber. Usually this type of information request, when the caller threats come from an unfamiliar number the phone, and he goes to the police station with the statement. The police found the caller threatens the man and takes him for necessary action. May help you if you think the issue of motivation and explain clearly why you need the data of another person.