To find out the phone owner for free via the Internet, you can try using search engines or specific sites with telephone directories. However, the effectiveness of this method is currently very low due to the abundance of various fraudulent resources. Success to find the owner increases if you are interested in a short number. These numbers are usually recorded in private to provide SMS and various mobile services and information about the owners, often appears on the Internet. If you constantly get e-mails or receive phone calls with short numbers, and thus is removed from the account a specific amount of money, you could become a victim of fraud. The information about the owner of the rooms already available on the network or on the website of your mobile operator.
Note on initial digits. It is possible to determine the region from which the caller (a list of region codes can be found on the websites of mobile operators). Perhaps someone called from the village where you live your relatives, distant friends or former acquaintances, which will allow to make certain conclusions. If the number is registered in your area, try to go to mobile shops. For simple curiosity will help hardly, but if you get threatened or you got the number of the potential offender, you will be able to find out the owner a phone number.
In serious situations, contact law enforcement. Write an application perfect in your address the offense and specify the number from which the offender was operating. The police will help you to learn of the unfortunate room and find the offender.
Call on the number from another SIM card or from your home phone. Imagine, for example, an employee of the cellular company and ask the person a few questions along the way to learn his name. If you don't have to hide a person, and you think that calling someone you know, call back with your number. A good way is to dial the number via Skype. So you will be able to speak with the suspicious interlocutor, but to record the conversation with the help of special add-ons.