Advice 1: As for free find out the owner of a phone number

Modern technical and software tools allow you to quickly and totally free find out the owner of the room phone. If you are bugged by calls from an unknown number, or you forgot who owns recorded in diary phone, take advantage of special information services and resources.
Find out the owner of a phone number is completely free
To find out the phone owner for free via the Internet, you can try using search engines or specific sites with telephone directories. However, the effectiveness of this method is currently very low due to the abundance of various fraudulent resources. Success to find the owner increases if you are interested in a short number. These numbers are usually recorded in private to provide SMS and various mobile services and information about the owners, often appears on the Internet. If you constantly get e-mails or receive phone calls with short numbers, and thus is removed from the account a specific amount of money, you could become a victim of fraud. The information about the owner of the rooms already available on the network or on the website of your mobile operator.
Note on initial digits. It is possible to determine the region from which the caller (a list of region codes can be found on the websites of mobile operators). Perhaps someone called from the village where you live your relatives, distant friends or former acquaintances, which will allow to make certain conclusions. If the number is registered in your area, try to go to mobile shops. For simple curiosity will help hardly, but if you get threatened or you got the number of the potential offender, you will be able to find out the owner a phone number.
In serious situations, contact law enforcement. Write an application perfect in your address the offense and specify the number from which the offender was operating. The police will help you to learn of the unfortunate room and find the offender.
Call on the number from another SIM card or from your home phone. Imagine, for example, an employee of the cellular company and ask the person a few questions along the way to learn his name. If you don't have to hide a person, and you think that calling someone you know, call back with your number. A good way is to dial the number via Skype. So you will be able to speak with the suspicious interlocutor, but to record the conversation with the help of special add-ons.

Advice 2 : How to know owner name phone number

Almost all of us had to deal with annoying calls by subscribers. I would like to know the name of the owner of the phone. It is not always possible for many reasons. For example, in force of the agreement on the confidentiality of information mobile operators are unable to provide you with this information. You can save only appeal to the relevant authorities, where on your application you will provide the necessary information.
How to know owner name phone number
You will need
  • Phone, the desire to result of work, ability to work with information.
Buy a phone with an integrated caller ID.

Practice shows that as soon as the bully hears a distinctive dial tone the caller ID, he often has no longer any desire to talk.
To not look unfounded in the eyes of the police, try to record the conversation.
Purchase or take on loan the recorder. When recording try eliminating emotions as long as possible to talk to an annoying caller. In the future, this entry might speed up his search.
After a telephone conversation with an unknown interlocutor, do not place the handset on the apparatus.

Even if the conversation is interrupted, the communication channel can be tested within a half hour. This will help you when dealing with the Manager of the telephone exchange.
Make a call to telephone station Manager (from a cell or from neighbors).
Explain the situation and call the necessary data. After that, the dispatcher needs to call you back and indicate whether the phone number of the bully. Fix the name of the dispatcher and the time of treatment. All this will help you in the preparation of the statements to the police.
Please contact district police at his residence.

You need to make a statement of complaint to the telephone hooligan. In the statement it is advisable to consistently specify all the facts of bullying and your response. The application shall be drawn up in two copies, in the second signs the employee who took your statement. You should then receive a written confirmation of the actions undertaken by the police and action taken on the fact of the telephone hooliganism.
Installing data phone bully, the Manager of the telephone exchange may not disclose such data to you. But he is obliged to give information to law enforcement if you write a statement.
Useful advice
There is a possibility to determine the owner of a phone number using the Internet. But remember that the network phone base, as a rule, are of illegal origin. So appeal to them very often end up getting inaccurate or simply outdated information. Use legal means for the establishment of the annoying caller and you will be able to punish him for telephone harassment.

Advice 3 : How to know the name of the owner of the phone

In the information age, often there are situations when you want to collect data about a person, knowing only his mobile phone. If you begin to search for information, having a clear algorithm structure the possible ways that will surely speed up your searches.
How to know the name of the owner of the phone
Use the many search engines the global Internet. Despite the huge number of sites offering similar services, few provide reliable information in performing their obligations to the customer. Remember that most of the paid resources are required to pay the resulting information method of sending SMS messages to a short number or via e-wallet. Be careful! The cost of the SMS messages listed on the site, can many times differ from the genuine.
Also you can make the payment and the site will be "fluff", and no information you get. In order to minimize the risk, start your search with free search engines. For example, try to use the resource In case of impossibility of obtaining information through such a source, go to the paid search engines. Also pre-check the cost of sending SMS messages to short numbers. You can do the linkд
Try to look for interesting information in social networks. Typing in the search engine selected network existing room phone, maybe you'll find out the name (and not only) the desired subscriber. But it is also an option, and when the desired person is registered under a pseudonym. Then try to get to the truth by reading the available correspondence, or write a message about wanting to meet you. If you have common friends in a social network, try to ferret out the required information from them. But it happens that the person blocked to unauthorized users, and shared friends and acquaintances you have or the search engine that you hammered the room phonedid not give any results.
Then try to run a cell phone by the database operator. After all, when you are connecting a new subscriber, a contract with the operator, specifying a name, surname and patronymic and even the registration and other information. Currently, for anybody not a secret that you can find such database in the free sale and purchase. When buying check the CD and verify from the seller "freshness" of the information recorded on it.
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