The easiest way to find out the name of the person the number of mobile - to acquire base cell numbers from the operator that you need. Radio markets, as a rule, provide such information 2-3 years ago. The price of such purchases will be rather big, but if you have full confidence in the fact that the room was registered a few years ago, the name of the owner you know. Keep in mind that the SIM card is not necessarily enjoyed by the person to whom it is issued.
Another reliable way to get name by phone number - ask for help a private detective. You may have to pay a large sum, but the result will not keep itself waiting.
Equally effective way is to call the phone number and submitted to the employee service through public opinion polls or by the operator of the call center of the mobile communication to which this number applies. Conversation can clarify some of the data, including the subscriber's name.
Try also to contact the secret service to know the name of the subscriber. However, this method will be effective only if you manage to prove a threat of a terrorist attack or the fact of the crime. Other reasons for the law enforcement will not work.