You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - access to the Internet.
Please contact the customer service of "MegaFon" and learn from them the conditions of providing such information. You can also call technical support and ask the operator the requirements that must be followed to obtain the interested information. The most effective way is to visit service office. Most likely, you'll need documented studies to provide you with information, it all depends on the rules of the company "MegaFon".
If you know the email address of the subscriber you are interested in a cellular network "Megaphone", send him a letter, and then follow on social networks search for contacts in a mailbox. Please note that you need to enter the username and password of the account from which you sent the letter, not listed in your profile at registration (if they are different).
View profile contact information with regards to mobile phone number, if it matches, just ask the person interested in information if it was not specified in the profile. Please note - users often register with fake data.
Search the database of clients of "MegaFon", after completing the appropriate request through the city forums. It is possible that someone from the residents of your town has access to such information.
You can also buy the disk with the database at the point of sale in the markets of your city. Minus is that they become obsolete very fast, and in addition, the registration of SIM cards per subscriber may not be due to the fact that he uses this room. Also, often the data drives are infected with viruses, and their use may harm your computer.