You will need
  • Phone, the desire to result of work, ability to work with information.
Buy a phone with an integrated caller ID.

Practice shows that as soon as the bully hears a distinctive dial tone the caller ID, he often has no longer any desire to talk.
To not look unfounded in the eyes of the police, try to record the conversation.
Purchase or take on loan the recorder. When recording try eliminating emotions as long as possible to talk to an annoying caller. In the future, this entry might speed up his search.
After a telephone conversation with an unknown interlocutor, do not place the handset on the apparatus.

Even if the conversation is interrupted, the communication channel can be tested within a half hour. This will help you when dealing with the Manager of the telephone exchange.
Make a call to telephone station Manager (from a cell or from neighbors).
Explain the situation and call the necessary data. After that, the dispatcher needs to call you back and indicate whether the phone number of the bully. Fix the name of the dispatcher and the time of treatment. All this will help you in the preparation of the statements to the police.
Please contact district police at his residence.

You need to make a statement of complaint to the telephone hooligan. In the statement it is advisable to consistently specify all the facts of bullying and your response. The application shall be drawn up in two copies, in the second signs the employee who took your statement. You should then receive a written confirmation of the actions undertaken by the police and action taken on the fact of the telephone hooliganism.