To opt out of receiving such communications service "Chameleon", the subscriber must dial his mobile device a USSD-command *110*20# and press the call key. In addition, services can be waived with a special telephone menu: select "Beeinfo" and then respectively click on the desired column called "Chameleon". Then you will see the "Activation". Click on it and then Off.
To manage services, users of the network "Beeline" can yourself. This is possible through the self-service system located at Please note that it is possible not only to turn off the "Chameleon", but also to activate/ deactivate any other services, and also to change a tariff plan, to produce a detail of your personal account, unblock or block phone number. In order to access this system, use the USSD-request *110*9#. After you send him to will receive the SMS message. It will contain the access password (temporary), and login will need to login. By the way, your username or any subscriber is a phone number, but specified only in ten-digit format.
Do not forget about the "Mobile consultant" answering machine "Beeline", which also allows you to disable unnecessary services. To call your voice mailbox number 0611. But this system is useful not only because it can help to manage services, but also the fact that it will help you learn more about the prescribed tariff plan and also about its features, get information on the status of account, and more. Detailed description of the "Mobile consultant" is on the official website of the company.