You will need
  • Phone with SIM card.
For MTS to disable spam on your phone, use the Internet or messages. In the first case, go to the website select "My subscriptions" and disable the unnecessary subscription. Second – send a free message with the text "3" to number 4741. If you only want to disable subscription "Horoscope", use the self-service "Internet Assistant", which is located on the official website of MTS.
Also, at MTS, there is a special service called "My service", which allows you to manage your subscriptions. Get all the information about the connected services and disable them using the message sent to room 8111.
To block spam on the network Megafon is even easier. Send SMS with the text "List" or "List" to the number from which another is. After that the subscription will be removed. To find out about existing subscriptions, go to menu SIM-cards/MegaFonPro and select "Subscriptions".
In Beeline network spam is called a "Chameleon". To disable it, enter the phone menu under the name Beeline or Beeinfo, select "Chameleon" and "Disable".
To get rid of it another way. Please, dial *110*20# and press the call button. Then in your message about disabling services "Chameleon".
Call 0684-700-000, which is a request to disable the spam sent to the room Beeline. After that, you will receive a message confirming you have completed the query and information for the new connection service "Chameleon".
To learn about other connected subscriptions and Beeline is possible by dialing *100*09# and pressing the call button. After that, you will receive a message with all subscriptions and their cost. To abandon them, call 0622, and then follow the prompts of the operator.