The operator of this service called "MTS news". By default (i.e. immediately after acquisition of SIM card is disabled and if the message appear, it means activated or you yourself or any of your children, friends, colleagues, etc. in order to disable, first of all, find it in the menu structure of your phone item that allows you to enter the menu of the SIM card. In it, find "MTS services" and then "MTS news". Enable the channels that you need and disable those that you don't need. Or if you wish, disable the service completely, using the USSD command *111*1212*2#.
If you are a subscriber of Beeline, this service, which this operator is called "Chameleon", you have by default when buying the SIM card. Go to the SIM menu, select INFOканалы" it - paragraph "Themes", then trigger the enable or disable themes to your liking. To deactivate the service completely, type the USSD command to *110*20#.
MegaFon subscribers this service is available under the name "Kaleidoscope". To configure the list of enabled and disabled, however, find it in the SIM the phone menu item "Kaleidoscope", and the subparagraph "Subscription", then trigger the on and off topics. In order to fully disconnect the service, consistently select SIM menu "Kaleidoscope" -> "Settings" -> "Broadcast" -> "Shut down".
If you decide to disconnect the service fully, remember that the viewing start message is always free, but the order continue can be both paid and free. The price is specified directly in the first message. As a General rule, MTS and Beeline ordering continue paid, if not otherwise specified, and MegaFon - free, unless otherwise noted. But remember, there may be exceptions. Order to continue communications entertainment pay-almost certainly. Download content is charged according to the tariff plan and if you are going to implement it, be sure to select the access point (APN) for Internet, not WAP. Roaming is paid and very expensive may be any orders sequels, without exception, significant cost will have download content on the submitted references (regardless of the chosen access point).
If the phone your child uses, be sure to completely disable on this phone any of the above services. The child may not understand whether the ordering of continuation pay or not, and quickly use up the supply of funds in the account phone. Besides, some of the messages can be obscene.