You will need
  • - mobile phone with a positive account balance.
Delete from the address book of your mobile phone entry with the number balance. Any contact on the SIM card or the phone that contains the command *102# to prevent you off the mailing list. Dial the number 0674 05551. You will be answered by the answering machine, which says: "Your request has been accepted. Thank you for calling." Listen to the message and disconnect.
Create a phonebook item balance enquiry, replacing the standard star at the beginning of the room to the latticed. According to one of the many points in the contract, a standard balance inquiry by dialing *102# include spam again. So disable the mailing list for a long time can not be — at each balance inquiry service will again be automatically enabled.
Balance inquiry to number #102# - the thing is much more convenient. The message about balance is written in Latin letters instead of Russian, but replace the standard mindless is the message you will receive information about your bonus, free seconds and more help about the short numbers of the operator, that information is really useful. Dial 0674 05551 every time after the habit of dialing with asterisk.
Submit a written statement with a request to disable promotional emails by Fax to the number (495) 974 5996. After reviewing your application the SMS-informing will be disabled.