If you are a user of Beeline and you're connected to our Highway, but you for some reason wish to disable, you can do this quickly and easily. There are only four ways.

The first option is to dial a certain combination. To turn off the Highway 1GB, type the command in *115*040# and press the call button or 067 471 7020 challenge, Highway 3 GB - *115*060# and call or 067 471 7030 press the call button, Highway 7 GB - *115*070# and call or 067 471 740 and press the call button, Highway 15 GB - *115*080#call or 067 471 750 and press the call button, Highway 30 GB - *115*090# call or 067 471 760. Within a couple of minutes your phone will receive a notification that the service is successfully disconnected.

The second option is to call the number 0611 and ask the mobile operator to disable this option (it should be noted that to turn off this option, you will need to call some of your passport data). Within a few minutes the service will be disabled.

The third option is to visit your personal Cabinet, where the "services" section and disable this option. To login to your account, you must first register. To do this from your phone dial in *110*9# and press "call". After that, you will receive an SMS with a login and temporary password (login - your phone number password - a combination of numbers and letters). Visit the page of Beeline uslugi.beeline.ru and fill in the fields. You can now disable the option, the Highway.

The fourth option is to visit the nearest salon svyazi Bilayn where staff and will help you to disable this service. Minus of this variant that requires a significant investment of time.