In the "Beeline" there is a large self-service system, through which subscribers is also available to manage your tariff plan, SIM card lock and restore it, getting details of the account. To enable or disable a service, type in the address bar of your browser the address Next, you will receive a password to use for authentication (the username is the mobile number of each subscriber). Enter the request *110*9# and press the call button. In a few minutes the phone receives the message with the desired data. To jump to the administration page of the account, enter them in the box on the main page, then click "Login".
The second service that helps customers to unsubscribe from annoying newsletters and not only is called "mobility consultant". Call to the short number 0611 to not only disable the services, but also to know the status of account, manage the tariff plan, to obtain information about the new stake. A more detailed and full information is on the official website of "Beeline".
To unsubscribe from the mailing list "Chameleon" through sending a special USSD-request to *110*20#. In addition, all subscribers available a separate menu Beeinfo, located in the settings of the phone. After navigating to this menu, click on the name of the desired service, and you will get in the box "Activate". Set the state to Disabled.
Those users who are having some difficulty with disconnection or connection of any service, feel free to contact the salon communication "Beeline". The employee of the company will make all necessary actions. Note: deactivation is free of charge, only connect the operator can withdraw funds from the account of the subscriber.