Subscription to "Hello" by calling the free number 0770. Fee is not charged for the call itself, and for specific tunes and for the service (from 1.5 p. per day)
To disable the service "Hello" you can call a toll-free number: 0674090770. After that the melody instead of beeps set, will disappear and be replaced by a standard signal.
The monthly fee for the service - 2 p. a day for fares with prepaid system and 60 p. per month for rates with the postpaid system.
The cost of each ringtone is calculated separately, depending on its type. Thus, the standard melody is set free (not counting subscription fees), and melody from category "hit of the day" is about 2 times a day. Ringtones, sounds, ringtone from category "Popular", "greatest hits" and "Top 10" are from 30 to 70 Euro a month. The category of "Jokes and gags", "News" and "Pop music" are connected for one year, and cost from 35 to 95 p
Select the ringtone on the services page, the address of which is specified under the article.