Use the easiest and fastest way to disable a paid subscription to the Beeline. Just type in your phone number 0684006. In response to this action you will receive a message stating that all current subscriptions are deleted.
Call to the short number 0611 0622 or. Hit zero to contact technical support operator. Ask to find out whether you have a paid subscription. If this is confirmed, the operator will disable them on request. Will contact support with a request to immediately ban inbound messages short paid numbers, so that later you do not have any such problems. You will cease to receive unwanted advertising and spam.
Try to disable a paid subscription to Beeline through the personal account online. Click on the appropriate link on the website of the operator. Get a password to log in to your account by dialing *110*9#. At the bottom of the page you will be able to find existing subscriptions and disable them by clicking on the links opposite. If the list is empty, you have no connected subscriptions.
Ask for help in one of the offices for customer service to disable a paid subscription to the Beeline. Bring your passport and submit an application under the supervision of office staff. Make sure that the telephone number furnished to you, otherwise you will not be able to use the service disabling unnecessary subscriptions.
Run the self-disabling paid subscriptions, Beeline, sending a message with the word STOP or STOP to the shortcode from which you receive unwanted information. This is a free procedure in which you will receive a reply message indicating successful deactivation of subscription.
Use a free service "Black-and-white lists", thanks to which you will restrict yourself from the actions of fraudsters who falsely sign subscribers to various paid services. Just dial the number 0858 or just contact one of the offices in your city.