To see what subscriptions you have, go to the SIM menu/MegaFonPro in the appropriate section, select "Subscriptions". To deactivate an unwanted subscription, send SMS (free) with the text "List" or "List" to the number that receive SMS news. The subscription will be removed.
Dial *110*09# to send request for free. In 2 minutes you will receive an SMS with a list of all connected services and subscriptions. Prior to each subscription or service marked cost. To disable services and subscriptions, please call 0622 (support), and follow all instructions in the audio menu.
For the management of their services, the company even created a special service "My services". Using it, you can disable all the free and paid services to obtain information about new services and subscriptions, and to connect them. To do this, send an SMS to number 8111 with any text. In the home network sending is free, but roaming from your account, withdraw an amount which corresponds to the rate of your tariff plan.
Very often, the MTS comes subscription "Horoscope". With its help, anytime you can listen to what awaits your zodiac sign during the day or to these predictions by SMS. To deactivate subscription, please contact the voice service, called "Astrology". Listen to the instructions and all the prompts of IVR, select "Delete subscription". Follow all the instructions.
To unsubscribe is possible on site To do this, go to the website, click the "My subscriptions" or send SMS text "3" to number 4741 (SMS is free). To unsubscribe Daily horoscope MTS, you can use the self-service "Internet Assistant". This service is located on the official website of MTS.