You will need
  • cell phone, SIM card Beeline
Insert the SIM card Beeline to your mobile phone. On the keyboard mobile phone, dial the combination of numbers and icons *110*20#. And then press call.
On the screen appears the inscription "query running". After some time on the mobile phone will receive a message with the text "chameleon, your request fulfilled."
Beeline communications are disabled, and the Beeline is no longer sent to your phone number.
Insert the mobile phone SIM-card Beeline. Find it in the menu of the mobile phone section Beinfo. In this section, select the subsection "chameleon".
Select "activation" and select the option "disable mailing". After some time, you will receive a message confirming that the service "chameleon" is disabled.
Contact the customer care office of Beeline. And write there a written waiver stating that you do not want to receive promotional information. Service "chameleon" Beeline will be disabled.
Call to 0674 05551. The robot will inform you that your request has been accepted. After some time on your cell phone will receive a message stating that the delivery of mobile advertising is disabled. And is Beeline will no longer bother you.
Insert the SIM card Beeline mobile phone. Type on the keyboard command, consisting of digits and icons *110*400#. And press the call key.
The function of "be aware Beeline" will be deactivated on your SIM card. And SMS alerts about missed calls on your phone come no longer.
Insert the SIM card Beeline to your mobile phone. And type on the keyboard combination of characters and digits *110*1062#. Then press call. The function of "be aware+ Beeline" is disabled on your phone. SMS alerts on missed calls and voice messages from those callers you will not be delivered.