To get into your account, you need from your phone, dial the combination *110*9# and "call" and wait for message with a password (the password comes in a minute). Then you need to visit the official website of "Beeline" and click "Log in", then fill fields namely username and password (the username is your phone number without 8 (+7)).

In his personal cabin to control the services go to "Services", here you can find already connected to services and disable, cancel, or connect the ones you need.

If you have no desire to register in "Personal Cabinet", disable unnecessary services through a regular SMS message. Here's how to abandon some of the most popular.

To find out what services you have connected, you should dial *110*09# "the call". Within five minutes you will receive a message with the answer.

To disable voice mail on Beeline, please, dial the combination *110*010# "call".

To disable the service caller identity restriction (CLIR), you need to dial the combination *110*070# "call".

To disable the service "Be aware" on the Beeline, you need to dial the combination *110*400# call.

To disable the service "Be informed +", you need to dial the combination *110*1062# "calling" (should not this service to be confused with the previous).

To disable the ringtone for a call that you previously selected, you must dial the following combination 067410 and "call", and then follow the instructions.

To disable one of the most popular services, "hi", you just need to dial the numbers 067409770 and "call".

To disable the "Beep", you need to dial short number 0770, click "call" and follow the instructions.

To disable "SMS traffic" service, which allows for only 15 rubles a day to send unlimited number of messages), you must dial the combination *110*2010# "the call".

To disable the "Favorite number", you need to dial a simple combination *139*880# and "call".

To disable the service "Lottery 1010", you need to send a blank message to the number 3003 (service will be deactivated soon).

It is worth noting that the service "SMS-package" to be connecting it all fixed for her, the amount is withdrawn at once.