To disable the emergence of advertising while working in Google Chrome, click the settings menu (the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the browser and select "Tools" then "Extensions". Go to the search extension by clicking on "More extensions". In the search box enter Adblock and click the search button. Click the extension icon, and then click "Install". Extension to block ads will be added to your browser, and you get rid of the ads.
To remove the advertisement, which surfaced while working with Mozilla, go to "Menu", then "Extensions" and selecting "Manage extensions", then click "Install". In the search box Noads and on the next page with search results click on the Install button next to the icon of the extension NoAds. Will install the extension for blocking ads in the browser.
To disable all kinds of advertising Windows in Mozilla Firefox, click "Tools", then "Extras", and finally "Search for add-ons". In the search box enter Adblock Plus. When the addition is found, click the "Add" button, and it will be installed as a Supplement to remove ads in the browser.