To any caller at the right time to take out the "You - witness", the operator has created a special room 0684302. To disable you just need to call him.
However, in the "Beeline" there is a service that allows you to control the connected services (not only "You - witness", but also others) and also activate the new. This service is called "Personal Cabinet". It is easy to find on the official website of the company. The second service, which also allows you to edit services, is located at the address By the way, with its help you will be able to order itemized bill to block the number and change tariff plan. For login will require username and password. To get them, start typing USSD-request *110*9# and send it to the operator. Once your application is processed, your will receive the required data. Please note that new to you will be only a password, but the username is familiar (it is mobile number). However, when entering it is necessary to specify only in ten-digit format. After the first login, replace the original password to something more reliable. The recommended length is from six to ten characters.
Disabling annoying services the clients of the company "Beeline" can produce and thanks to the mobile consultant. This is the answering machine, which is available to all the free number 0611 (is for calls). This service is multifunctional, because it can not only manage services, but also to check the status of account, to learn about the rate parameters, its features. To get more information about the consultant, please visit the appropriate section of the site operator.
There is another menu that is designed to disable various services. To use it, send USSD command *111#. Menu is available in the home network and in roaming.