For adaptation of the track to be played as ringtones on mobile requires the use of audio editor. The best option would be to use Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge. These editors have a better quality of compression and the functionality sufficient for full adaptation of the track. Download and install one of these programs.
Launch the audio editor, then open with it the file you want to edit. You can also just drag a track in the working field of the program. Highlight the entire length of the track, then use the effect of "Graphic equalizer". Like the default EQ in mp3 players, it changes the playback range.
Increase high and mid frequencies while reducing low. The fact that the speaker of the cell is not designed for low frequencies, but perfectly reproduces the high and mid. The playback volume may seem insufficient, but do not pay attention to it, so it is now your task - to change the playback range of frequency, not to increase the volume. Save the track.
To increase the volume of the resulting audio file, you will need to use the effect "Normalize" or "Increase volume". Highlight the entire track, and then run one of these effects. Increase the volume in steps, each step must not be more than five percent of the total volume. Save each result obtained.
Copy all the resulting files into your phone using kardrider, data cable or any wireless interfaces for data transfer. Reproduction of all tracks, the resulting edit must, because to appreciate the sweetness of the melody only after listening to it on the computer. Listen to them on the phone and select the one that has both the greatest volumeand clear sound.