You will need
  • - a special program to create ringtones;
  • - USB cord;
  • - Bluetooth device.
Browse to a ringtone format mp3, wav, wma, aac, xmf, amr, midi, imy, mmf, or m4a, which you would like to install on the message. If necessary perekonvertirovat (change the format) audio recordings that would be read by a phone.
If you set as a signal of a new message the song it will be played as a whole, which is inconvenient. And the battery will decrease rapidly, if the signal set of the whole melody. Cut the ringtone down to size using an online service. Follow the instructions on the website to the end to obtain a fragment of the song.
Copy the audio file to the folder "Sounds" to the phone via USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Open the phone menu, select "My files" and open "Sounds". Start playing tunes that you want to install. At the bottom of the screen will display the ellipsis button. Click on it and in the popup menu, select "Set as". Next, tap on the "Ringtone" message. The ringtone will be installed.
Install the ringtone directly from the contacts menu. Open the contacts list, select "Properties contact", if you want to put a special ringtone of the message from any man. Next, select "Add new field" and then "Ringtone" message. In this section you need to select "Special tune" and set the audio file you want to hear, receiving SMS messages from a contact.
Put a ringtone using Profiles on your Samsung. Open ("Profiles" are in the settings), select the desired profile in the upper right corner and press triangle. Select "New message". Put desired ringtone.
Check the setting of the melody, asking the friend to write you a message, or write yourself free message from the website of your mobile operator.