One simple method of muting is to change phone settings. Go to Samsung and select "Settings" and activate the feature which is desired at the moment.
So, if you don't want to hear any sounds when you press keys or when using phone, go to Profiles, press "Options" on the left side and click "Edit". Then under "phone Sounds", check the "shutdown"mode.
If you just want to reduce or turn off the volume, adjust the parameter in the volume settings. To do this, select "sound Volume", again press "Options" and clicking on the Edit command, reduce the sound mode to zero.
When necessary, remove the keypad tone during a call or in call waiting mode, press the special button on the side of the phone. Thereby adjusting the sound volume, set it to medium or minimum level, until a complete shutdown. You can also use the button grid located in the bottom row of the keypad of your phone. Press this button and hold for a few seconds as long as the phone mode will not be silent.
For smartphones of Samsung, you can use a customizable sound themes. Select the smartphone menu settings audio themes and click on the section "keypad tone". Then select "unassigned" or reduce the mode volume to the minimum value. Use change sound settings for several options of sounds. As a result, each time using some kind of scheme, your phone will have different system sound alert, up to the silent mode.