You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Open the volume settings of your phone and put the highest possible value. It is also possible to do in a talk mode using the side buttons or the joystick apparatus.
Please note that if ordinary conversational dynamics in your model are separate components, settings, respectively, is performed in different menu items, so the settings change the sound theme or the active mode does not affect the audibility of the subscriber during a call.
Find the engineering codes for your phone model, and among them choose the one that gives you access to advanced settings of the volume level auditory dynamics. Please note that the use of most of them leads to damage to the mobile phone.
If ear speaker is also a regular speaker, after entering service code to phone do not set the maximum volume level for incoming messages. It is best to pre-read the user reviews to similar models, which improved the audibility of the loudspeaker so as for phones, some manufacturers of this type of configuration does not spoil the device.
Contact the specialists of service centers to reinstall the auditory dynamics of your phone. It is best to give the phone to those people who have a good reputation among customers and provide additional assurance to the new speaker and the work they have done on the replacement component.
If the audibility of the auditory dynamics became worse during service before the expiry of the warranty period, contact the seller for a replacement device or for a refund. In case of breakage of dynamics it is better to avoid repair.