The frequency change of the equalizer will make the frequency louder, which partially compensate for the lack of quality of speaker and headphone. For tuning frequencies, navigate to the mp3 player of the phone, then change their location. To achieve the loudest sound you can maximize the high frequencies, while the low will remain unchanged or will be understated. Speaker cell phone is primarily meant for playing high frequencies, therefore, the increase of high frequencies make the sound louder, and a reduction of low - clean.
In addition to the equalizer settings cell phone, you can also change the tuning frequency of the track that are designed to play on mobile. This is possible using a specialized audio editor. The best option would be Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge - these programs have a sufficient set of effects and compression quality required for successful editing.
Consider the editing of the track for example Adobe Audition. You can use any version of this application. To edit within a month you can use the free thirty-day trial version. After this period you will need to purchase the paid version. Download and install the program.
Using the menu "File" open the track you want to edit. You can also just drag the audio file in the working field of the program. Highlight the entire track, and then trigger the effect of "Graphic equalizer". Zoom in to the desired frequency. Keep in mind that to achieve a loud sound on the speaker to maximize the high frequency, at the same time minimizing the low. Change the track a little, saving the changes at each step. Send the tracks to the phone then delete everything except the version with the best sound.