You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Go to settings sound themes or settings for the current mode calls. Configure the maximum ringing volume of incoming calls. If your phone uses different speakers to talk to, and to signal incoming calls and messages, not to confuse the settings.
In the standby mode of phone click the up arrow on the side of your phone if available in your model. Also the speaker volume can be adjusted with the joystick in some older models. In challenge mode the volume is adjustable in the same way.
To enhance the speaker volume query the service codes for your phone model, find the one that provides access to sound settings outside the allowable threshold built-in software. It is best not to use this method, since, in most cases, this leads to breakage of the speaker in the phone.
Also pay attention to the difference service codes for different models, sometimes they can be the same for the same manufacturer, and sometimes the wrong can not access those settings. Please note that to confirm the operation most likely need to enter a security code of the phone, which is the default in most cases, 00000, 12345 and so on.
Please contact the relevant service center on repair of phones and make them change the dynamics of the camera, putting on a low volume level. It will be the best solution to the problem. Among service centers choose the services of only those on their operation and new part phone installs the warranty period. Also do not use the services unknown services.