Parameters and functions of a plastic card "Maestro" Sberbank of Russia similar to those inherent in the card "Visa Electron". It is easy to maintain and convenient to receive my salary. Thanks to such a function in Russia card received the status of "salary".
The card holder,"Maestro", which is a customer of the Bank, has the ability to obtain cash through ATMs in many countries and through the terminals to pay for goods and services in retail outlets. To become a cardholder, you need, at any branch of Sberbank of Russia to apply for benefits. You should have the document proving the identity and status of the resident of the Russian Federation at the age of eighteen years.
Sberbank issued additional card "Maestro": "Maestro Social", "Maestro Momentum" and "Maestro "Student. The convenience of the cards is mainly that they are being designed for social categories of citizens, deprived of complex functions.
Map "Maestro Social" is for people who receive social benefits and pensioners. To get pensions and benefits according to the card, the customer can open a Bank account and by submitting an application to obtain the card, and the organization that carries out payments, provide the Bank account details of the card. After three years the card will be reissued. Plastic card allows retirees, bypassing trips to the Bank and stand in queues to ATMs cash and to carry out utility bills.
Using the card "Maestro " Student customer can without a fee to pay in the service or retail outlets and receive money in the form of accumulated funds on the map of interest at the Bank's terminals. You can also replenish the card account by transfer scholarships school and other payments. Conveniently check balances, pay the Internet and cell phones, using service "Mobile Bank".