What is a debit card

When you decide to obtain a debit card, you need to open an account in the Bank that you chose. You can a lump sum to be paid on this account a large sum of money, which then will use its discretion and withdraw funds in the form of cash, paying for goods and services and cash. In that case, when you regularly get small amounts of money as aid from parents or, for example, wages, working remotely, you can put on the account, which will subsequently be constantly updated. The size of the amount which will be immediately credited to your account, no importance.

Together with the application for opening an account, you fill out the application for the issue of debit cards. It is a personalized card, a secret pin code which only you will know. On it you can without any commissions to make cashless purchases, pay utility bills and to withdraw money at ATMs of the Bank, the property of which it is. For using the ATMs of other banks unless they are part of a social network of your Bank, you will be charged a fee.
Friendly ATM network is the ability to withdraw money at ATMs of other banks on the same terms offered to the issuing Bank.

Which Bank to choose

Many prefer debit cards of Sberbank only because their ATM network is the largest, and you will not have problems if you want to withdraw cash. But plastic debit card issued in the same Bank, serving the company in which you work also has its advantages. You don't have to wait 2-3 days, when the money transferred to your accounting as wages received on account, card will be credited the same day
The balance in the account tied to the debit card should always be positive. You will not be able to get her out of more money than there is on the balance sheet.

You should also keep in mind that some banks can offer such a good opportunity, as a separate Deposit account where you can save money on storage and it the Bank will charge interest. Note that, what is the cost of processing cards as you have to pay for annual maintenance and for cash withdrawals at ATMs of other payment systems and banks. Specify how well-developed network of ATMs from a Bank, whether you are comfortable using it. Compare the terms offered by several banks and select the one where your money will be fine.