Advice 1: How to make visa card

To make the card Visa almost in any Russian Bank may be a rare exception. A set of documents depends on the type of card. For debit it is minimal, but when you open credit you will need to take care of the confirmation of its solvency.
How to make visa card
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money to pay for release and annual servicing of the card (optional);
  • - income verification (for credit cards);
  • - additional documents requested by the Bank (usually credit cards, in some cases, debit).
Select the Bank in which you would like to open the map, and you are interested in a banking product offered to them.
At this stage is to assess how well-positioned offices, whether interest-free cash withdrawals in Russia, including its region and abroad, what options are included in the annual service and which are available for a fee and what it is, and whatever else is important to you.
When you choose credit card pay special attention on the interest of the Commission, the possibility of interest-free loans, its terms and conditions.
It is helpful to study reviews about other Bank customers.
After the decision, contact the office of the selected Bank. In many possible to fill the preliminary application for the card online on the website of the credit organization, but from the necessity of visiting the Bank does not relieve it.
Before completing the application, ask all your questions by phone the employee of the call center.
Don't hesitate to ask when visiting a Bank branch.
Once you figure it out, the Bank officer will examine your passport and other documents if those are needed (it all depends on the Bank, for debit card normally passport is sufficient), and will ask you to fill out and sign a number of documents to find the rates.
If you connect the Internet and phone (mobile) banking, you can immediately give the keys to access these services and instructions for their use.
The map will have to come to the Bank in addition. Usually in a week. But there are those that send them to your customers via email.
After receiving the card may require activation through ATM or by phone.

Advice 2 : How to get a Visa card

Ease of use of a Bank card, it is difficult to overestimate – it can help not only to obtain ATM cash, but also to pay for purchases in stores and online. There are various types of Bank cards, so the choice should be approached with knowledge of the matter.
How to get a Visa card
First, decide what card you need – whether credit and debit. The first allows you to make purchases at a certain amount even if the card has no funds. After purchase you will have within the specified period to fill up your Bank account to repay the Bank loan amount. Shortage of credit cards that you pay interest on the loan. If you miss the return, can be followed by penalties in the end you will have to return a lot more than you borrowed. Debit cards in this respect is much easier and safer – you can use only the amount that you have in the account.
Select the type of Visa. They differ in execution, cost of service and provide their owners opportunities. The simplest card is a Visa Electron. Digits of the card number and other data on it is not convex, this limits the use of the card in some types of terminals. But the card works fine in a normal ATM, so have been very widespread. The cost of annual maintenance is about 300 rubles a year (for Sberbank). More expensive are the cards Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, the cost of their services up to 1000 rubles a year and more.
After selecting the type of card you decide with the Bank issuing the credit card. The emphasis here is on the availability of ATMs of the Bank. When withdrawing cash at the ATM of "your" Bank will not take any Commission. But if you use the ATM of another Bank, then pay a fee for the operation, it usually cost about 100 rubles. One of the most common are the ATMs of the savings Bank, so a Bank card of this Bank may be the most convenient.
To obtain a card please contact any branch of the savings Bank (or the Bank you have chosen). Let the type of card you need a credit or debit – and its specific variant. The Bank employee will write down your passport data, telephone number and inform you when you should come for the card. You just take the cost of the first year of service card. Usually a card is made for one to two weeks.
Upon receipt of the card be sure to connect service "Mobile Bank". This is very useful as it will allow you to always be aware of all transactions on your card. You will get the list of passwords for shopping on the Internet. Service "Mobile Bank" significantly increases the security of card use.
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