You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money to pay for release and annual servicing of the card (optional);
  • - income verification (for credit cards);
  • - additional documents requested by the Bank (usually credit cards, in some cases, debit).
Select the Bank in which you would like to open the map, and you are interested in a banking product offered to them.
At this stage is to assess how well-positioned offices, whether interest-free cash withdrawals in Russia, including its region and abroad, what options are included in the annual service and which are available for a fee and what it is, and whatever else is important to you.
When you choose credit card pay special attention on the interest of the Commission, the possibility of interest-free loans, its terms and conditions.
It is helpful to study reviews about other Bank customers.
After the decision, contact the office of the selected Bank. In many possible to fill the preliminary application for the card online on the website of the credit organization, but from the necessity of visiting the Bank does not relieve it.
Before completing the application, ask all your questions by phone the employee of the call center.
Don't hesitate to ask when visiting a Bank branch.
Once you figure it out, the Bank officer will examine your passport and other documents if those are needed (it all depends on the Bank, for debit card normally passport is sufficient), and will ask you to fill out and sign a number of documents to find the rates.
If you connect the Internet and phone (mobile) banking, you can immediately give the keys to access these services and instructions for their use.
The map will have to come to the Bank in addition. Usually in a week. But there are those that send them to your customers via email.
After receiving the card may require activation through ATM or by phone.