You will need
  • - a basin for washing;
  • - a piece of gauze or thin cotton fabric;
  • - iron
  • - clothespins for drying clothes.
Pour into a basin for washing some warm water at a temperature not exceeding 40°C. Soak the shrunken t-shirt in the water for 10-15 minutes.
After this time manually, press the t-shirt and gently shake it. In that case, if your t-shirts with slogans, don't press her too much. It can damage the label and cause it will lose its original appearance, wear out and disappear over time.
With the help of iron and a piece of cloth (thin cotton cloth) amperite t-shirt is alternately on two sides, with slightly stretch it, but do not dry completely. Be careful with the sign if it is on a t-shirt. It is best not outwrite it at all, because the high temperature of the iron can ruin its appearance.
Hang slightly damp and otvarennuyu t-shirt neckline down drying on the rope with clothespins. Again pull it from all sides and allow to dry thoroughly.
Carefully approach the choice of material. This is necessary in order in order to avoid excessive shrinkage. Also, when making a purchase you should pay attention to the stability of the product to deformation. To do this, take a t-shirt over the opposite edge and pull in different directions. Then release. High quality t shirt will return to its original shape when washed and will not shrink. If the shirt will remain stretched after the first wash it will lose its appearance. This is a cheap t-shirt and buy it not worth it.