You will need
  • A basin of water, chamomile, sage, rosemary, raw onion, warm woolen scarves and beanies.
Symptoms zastuzheny head is very dizzy, headaches and tinnitus. There may also be changes in blood pressure, fever or chills. If you feel any of these symptoms should immediately begin treatment or to consult a doctor. In any case, do not continue to walk with her head uncovered – this will only aggravate your condition. The most important thing for you now is to keep your head warm. Even at home or indoors is not superfluous to have some time to sit in a warm woolen hat or scarf to bundle up.
Make an herbal bath with chamomile, sage and rosemary. These herbs have anti-inflammatory effect and soothe. In addition, under the action of aromatic herbal vapor you quickly feel relaxed and at peace. If the house has an inhaler, you can use them, but better just to heat the water in the bowl and breathe over it, covered with a towel head. On his pillow lay a warm wool scarf or a soft shawl, and the top cover with a towel. This design required that the head was warm while sleeping. On top of the night can also roll up a head a warm scarf or wear a light cap.
If you feel shooting pain in the ear, it is necessary to resort to medication. To cold has not moved to a more serious stage, be sure to bury in sick ear drops, are prescribed by a doctor. And not to endure the pain to visit Laura, try to alleviate their condition with the help of folk remedies. Very good fresh onion juice. Cut a raw onion in half and put cut up. Juice, speaking at the cut surface after some time, type in the dropper and drip into the ear. After that, the ear canal must be closed with cotton wool to lay on my side so the medicine will not escape, and tie the sick side of the head with a warming bandage. After a while the pain will go away.