The causes and localization of furuncle

Pain in the tip of the nose can cause coli staph, it is often the cause of this disease. Inflammation usually exposed hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which gets the stick. Furuncle often occurs in anticipation of the nose, at the tip or on the nasolabial crease.

Usually the disease is mild. If a person has impaired blood flow to the face, there are anastomoses between the facial vessels, the boil can go into the severe stage with complications.

The symptoms of the disease

If it hurt the tip of the nose, it's time to closely monitor symptoms. Depending on them it will be possible to determine in what form is the disease. In the first two days the person may slightly increase the body temperature. The area of occurrence of the boil swells slightly. On the third or fourth day the center can see a small "rod". Then the boil heals, and the disease passes. This is a mild form of the disease, which is not always the case.

If the disease be severe, the symptoms will be slightly different. As a rule, begins to swell cheek, the boil (tip of nose) hurts very much. While the swelling may spread to the upper and lower eyelids, upper lip. The temperature of the patient may jump to 38-40 degrees, no appetite, there is irritability, plagued by constant headaches.

Boils in children

For children the disease is most dangerous. Most often he is exposed to kids who have various intestinal diseases or rickets, and a predisposition to skin diseases of the nasal and paranasal sinuses. Children are most frequently attacked by this disease than adults.

To prevent the effects, it is necessary to conduct intensive therapy. It involves taking a variety of antibiotic agents with broad spectrum activity. If the disease progresses with complications, need to take anticoagulants, anabolic hormones. All of these drugs must be administered only by the attending physician, do not self medicate.

If the boils are formed quite often, patients are prescribed a screening for tuberculosis and diabetes.
Time as carrying out preventive measures, you can prevent the disease.