In bedridden man usually spoils the hair structure, so if the patient is not against their best short shaved. This is, firstly, easier for you care for hair and scalp and, second, they will be easier to recover when the little man will recover and slowly start to stand up.
The easiest way hair care – look for a special shampoo to wash your hair without water. This shampoo applied to the hair, whipped and easily rubbed in for two to three minutes. Then head should be wiped dry with an absorbent towel. But not everybody likes it. Many people prefer to wash my hair the traditional way.
If your hair is very short, to wash them would be easy. To do this, put the patient under the head of the oilcloth and put it next to the bed a basin of hot, but not scalding water. Dissolve in this water a little shampoo. And then dampen the towel and wipe the hair. In order to wash out the shampoo, you need to take another towel, which is more pressing under running water. Wipe them with the hair, cover the head dry with a towel to remove the oilcloth. Then dry the hair.
If your hair is long, wash them harder. You can use this method. Remove pillow from under patient's head, move him to the edge of the bed to the little hair hanging down. Put the oilcloth. One edge should come down to the dripping water. Under hair put a bowl or bucket, next place the container with hot water and shampoo, clean water, a jug or large mug. Next, lather the head and slowly rinse the shampoo by pouring water from a jug to hang down down hair. If there are two, the task is considerably simplified: one person can support the head, and the other to wash your hair and rinse with shampoo.
Very well, if you manage to buy a special inflatable basin for washing hair in the supine position. It is soft, will not bring trouble to the patient and to wash my hair in it comfortably because it is designed with a small notch for the neck.
If the patient is paralyzed or very weak, old, and you have a long to care for it, you can try to construct a special bowl of their own. To do this, take a standard small bowl of plastic and cut out in its side a recess for the neck. A few inches of the rim, leave, prevent water spill. Turn over the cutout of the rubber roller to avoid sharp edges. This can be, for example, a piece of tire from a child's Bicycle. The other side on the bottom drill a hole in order to secure the drain pipe. Now when you place the patient's head in such a basin, can easily pour the hair with water – it will go in the drain hole.
If your patient can be raised and seated, for example, in a chair, you can make design, similar to the one used for shampooing in salons. It is necessary that the forward head was back, and on the table or high chair could be a suitable container for draining water.