Immediately consult a doctor. In that case, when the symptoms described was joined by pain in the ear, it is urgent to go to the reception to the audiologist. But before you visit it you can use the proven folk remedies for the relief of pain syndrome, for example, drops of onion juice or boric alcohol. After instillation of the ear canal (or both passages) should be plugged with cotton swabs.
Wear a warm wrap shawl or head shawl. Lie down and relax, now you need complete rest. Don't make a home drafty, don't listen to loud music, better if there will be complete silence.
Can also warm up your ear. To do this, heat the handkerchief with a hot iron and apply, constantly changing handkerchiefs. But safer still once the pain or tinnitus to seek medical attention. Especially if these symptoms are accompanied by fever or visual disturbances! As the hypothermia of the head, sometimes leading to very serious diseases, up to meningitis. And there's the delay in treatment can lead to the most disastrous consequences.
When the first symptoms "zastuzheny head" in any case, do not go out with uncovered head. Take a bath with various herbs such as chamomile and sage have a calming effect.
If you feel too much pain, can take pain medication. Also to relieve pain help massage the head. Do it with the pad of his middle finger. Pressure in the temple area, mentally focus the pain in this place, then abruptly remove your finger. Do the same and in the nose. You can also massage the very head, place hands on top of each other, then move them towards the ears and neck, pressing lightly.