First aid for pain in the neck

If you inflated a neck, you must first relax the neck muscles. This needs to be done immediately, before the doctor's visit. In any case it is not necessary to take drugs – pain they will be removed, but will not solve the problem. So, when purged the neck, first apply a warming ointment, provided by dry heat, the massage, not made sudden movements.

Pick up a good anti-inflammatory drug. When cold the neck cream will activate blood circulation in the affected location and provide good blood flow to the sore muscles. Provide dry heat. This wrap neck thick warm wool scarf or a large shawl. This is best done immediately after applying the ointment.

If the ointment is not available, use a hot compress. To do this, heat the pan the salt, pour in a small cloth pouch. Once the salt warms up, apply it to the affected area. It is important that the salt was not very hot, otherwise the burn can not be avoided.

If I get a stiff neck, do everything to relax the neck muscles. This will fit all known techniques, including massage and special exercises. For seat choose only solid chairs and chairs – it also affects the condition of the body.

Prevention of exacerbations is possible

Even when you get rid of acute neck pain, keep the neck warm scarves, scarves and shawls. The neck need some time to restore a kind of rehabilitation period. This protection will prolong the therapeutic effect and will prevent the likelihood of recurrence of disease.

Take more often a shower – the warmth will help the affected muscles. Use heating pads, in this case, they are irreplaceable. It is advisable not to make drastic and sudden movements – this applies not only to the neck, but the body as a whole. If you smoke, it is better to give up the habit, because nicotine minimizes defenses, and will only get in the way of successful healing. Continue to perform the exercises. Specially designed exercises to do gently and smoothly. But do not overload the muscles, otherwise the pain will resume.

Products to treat the neck alone is not recommended. In this case, help intensive, well-designed treatment. Therefore, once the symptoms manifested themselves, rush to the nearest hospital to the physician.