Advice 1: How to treat trigeminal nerve

Inflammation or neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve does not happen often, but if such trouble occurs, the person experiences unbearable pain. To treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is possible as fluids methods, and folk remedies. But it is best to act comprehensively and concurrently apply all means.
How to treat trigeminal nerve
The symptoms of this unpleasant disease can be reduced with the help of this medication. as carbamazepine or similar drugs - tegretol of Finlepsin. They affect the brain. Take these drugs on prescription, start with 0.1 gram morning and evening. Then (harmony Dr) gradually increase dose to a maximum of 1.2 grams a day. Treatment can last 1-2 months.
Измельчите10 cloves of garlic, pour 1 Cup of vodka and infuse for 7-10 days. The resulting tool RUB the cheek area behind the ear, eye area, chin and gums. This should be done every hour, while keeping the entire area of the trigeminal nerve warm. Usually to relieve the symptoms of the disease requires 0.5 -1 liters of infusion. Parallel apply at night to the sore spot leaves of geranium – the warm compress in the morning and lubricate them with oil.
Hard boil the egg, cut it in half, apply hot halves to the affected area. The pain should calm down when the egg cools. Instead of eggs you can use wrapped in cloth on a heated pan buckwheat.
The famous Wang proposed a way of dealing with neuralgia of trigeminal nerve: glow in the fire needle and lightly touch the tip to a person to feel the tingling. First, we need to inject a healthy portion, then the patient.
Brew tea instead of a medicinal chamomile in the ratio of 1 teaspoon of raw materials Cup of boiling water. Several times a day (at least 3-4) gather in the mouth for such a hot tea and keep it inside as long as possible.
At night, make a compress with infusion of marshmallow root. Pour 4 teaspoons of raw Cup of room temperature water, leave for 8-12 hours. Soak in the infusion of gauze, place it on the patient's face in several layers, then put on top the parchment paper or polyethylene, tie a warm scarf. Keep the compress need 1-2 hours, then remove, wrap the head in warmth and sleep.
How to treat trigeminal neuralgia? The pain is usually strong, piercing, throbbing, shooting. Pain lasting 10-30 seconds. After the period of acute pain don't bother the person for weeks or several months and then the attacks begin again. How to treat trigeminal neuralgia?
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And due to the seriousness of the disease and the popularity of self-treatment in article we will try to solve the basic question "How to treat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve folk remedies?". The disease appears suddenly, very unexpectedly to the patient. It may happen, for example, pain in the teeth. But if you have inflamed ternary nerve, the pain will pass in a constant that will spread to the neck, face, orbit, ear, tongue.

Advice 2: How to treat inflammation on the face

Beautiful, healthy skin - perfection to which to aspire. But various inflammations, such as acne, pimples, etc., spoil the whole picture. Every problem can be addressed. This will help you as a modern cosmetics, and various people's tips and recommendations.
How to treat inflammation on the face
Daily care for the skin:

- for washing, use special gentle products that do not contain alkaline additives;
- lotion for face wiping choose without alcohol. Well if the members will indicate the presence of antiseptics;
on the affected skin to apply the tools of acupressure;
- do not neglect the moisturizing and protective creams;
- inflammatory processes on the skin is not recommended the use of peels and scrubs. They can be replaced with softer cosmetics, such as, masks.
Carefully approach the choice of decorative cosmetics. It is desirable that it was a well-known manufacturer you trust. Also, don't forget to read the part of one or another cosmetic product. Today presents a huge range of cosmetics designed for oily skin: Foundation, powder, blush, concealer, etc.
Well help to eliminate inflammation in the face of popular advice. For example, a self-made mask based on green clay perfectly removes redness of the skin, making it healthier and more radiant. For its preparation you will need: 1 tablespoon of powder green clay, 6-8 drops of rosemary essential oil. These ingredients mix to a smooth consistency, adding a little clean water. The resulting mass is put on the inflamed areas of the thin layer and leave on for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse off the mask with warm water. The procedure recommended 1-2 times a week. Also rosemary essential oil can lubricate scars and spots after acne. After a month you will experience a visible result.
If the modern cosmetics and the national guidelines do not help you, you need to immediately seek help from a qualified specialist. What competent doctor will help to pinpoint the cause of the inflammation on the face and will prescribe the necessary treatment.
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