You will need
  • - pain medication.
  • - antipyretic drugs;
  • - vodka, honey, aloe juice;
  • Sol.
Provide complete rest to your neck muscles. To avoid unnecessary pain and tissue injury, provide rest to the neck muscles – relax, stop exercising for a while, you can go to bed.
Take your pain medicines. You can use conventional analgesics or to take non-steroidal drugs which have anti-inflammatory action. Any medicines should be taken only after consulting a specialist.
Warm up the sore spots. Make vodka or alcohol compress – soak a piece of gauze, folded in several layers, attach to the neck, top cover with polythene and wrap a warm woolen scarf. Use a warming ointment, and after removing the compress, secure the neck "dry heat" - cover of warm fabric.
Prepare a mixture of equal parts of vodka and liquid honey, add a little aloe juice. Saturate the gauze part of the fabric and attach to the neck, wrap the top with all the waterproof paper.
Take antipyretic drugs. If the inflammation of the tissues of the neck accompanied by fever, it could be a symptom of add viral damage. In this case, is shown taking antiviral medications to eliminate the fever.
Do neck massage. Once acute pain subsides, it is useful to develop the neck muscles to restore circulation and stimulate cell renewal. Apply pressure with fingertips to the painful point and hold the pressure for a few seconds – this massage should not last more than 15 minutes.
Try contrast change of temperatures. Alternative to the heating of the neck is alternating cold and warm compresses. Prepare a bag of heated salt or sand and pieces of ice, wrapped in canvas. At night take a warm bath, and in the morning let it cool and remove the tissue swelling an ice compress.
Take a course of physical therapy. Electrophoresis accelerates the action of anti-inflammatory agents and stimulates the blood flow, UHF and quartz heated tissue throughout the depth. A 10-day course will accelerate the recovery and reduce the chance of recurrence.